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VPLS.US 10/08/2012 Juniper Qfabric

Is the qfabric not going so well? I know it was a HUGE box. We basically looked at it and said
it’s viable for maybe 2 companies in the world….

A Juniper spokesperson declined to give specific information about the divisions to be affected by the layoffs, or when they will happen. In an emailed statement, the spokesperson wrote: “As we disclosed on our second quarter 2012 earnings conference call, Juniper is working to align its resources to improve productivity and effectiveness, enabling us to deliver our road-map for innovation and unprecedented value to customers and shareholders. As a result of this important initiative, we are reducing our workforce by approximately 500 people in functions across the company.”

Juniper also declined to address the QFabric rumor directly. “Innovation is the lifeblood of Juniper,” the Juniper spokesperson said. “We’ve consistently achieved the highest overall market growth in Ethernet switching, and customers continue to adopt QFabric. We are focused on delivering innovative solutions in the data center that drive revenue for customers.”

So corrections in the direction. It had to happen. If you only build a product and you build it so large nobody buys it, you cannot afford to continue to make it. I know they were coming out with smaller qfabric boxes and they have already hit the street, but I imagine you had a huge work force basically sitting around twitting their thumbs while the smaller boxes are just a subset of a larger box, probably not a lot to do, plus there wasn’t any revenue coming in while the smaller boxes were being built. A serious strategy error

A Juniper spokesperson declined to give specific information about the divisions to be affected …

Huawei 2012-10-07
Oh man, I’ve spelled Huawei about a hundred different ways. If I miss spell it again, Just look at the title of this post and remember that’s how it’s “supposed” to be spelled. I do it intentionally just because they have done a lot of things in the past to annoy me.

Remember back in the 90s or so when Cisco’s IOS was stolen and just a few months later a brand new Chinese company came out with a box that had an IOS identical to Cisco’s? Well I do that was waway. WhaWhey was summarily sued and if I recall correctly they settled it out of court to the tune of several dollars I’m sure.

Several years ago I asked them in a meeting what they had done, and they basically avoided my question. I’m sure there are a lot of political and other type issues still around that case. They can probably never talk about it.

They told me about two years ago that if they didn’t have the feature in their software that I wanted, they would just assign another couple hundred programers on that task to create it for me. Talk about a mobile work force. Also talking about a huge workforce. I wonder how many programmers they have working for them now? Thousands.

I went over to Beijing two years ago with my wife. We landed at the airport and had a bus ride between the airport and the hotel. I’ve been in some large cities before, but I have never in my life experienced such a mass of humanity. We were literally passing large dorm like structures, mile after mile after mile. It was awesome in magnitude. A funny story. The wife and I got off the buss and were surrounded by taxi cabbies. All trying to grab our bags to drive us to our hotel. We finally picked one who charged us $20.00 None of the others would take our fare after they heard our hotel. After the bus left, we found out why, we were in front of the hotel. The cabbie put our bags into his trunk, drove down to the corner and into the driveway of the hotel That was the Imperial Palace. Yeah, I splurged it was a very nice place and we had the presidential suite. I had to impress my wife :) anyway, went to the great wall of china, and saw the Tiananmen square. And did the other typical tourist things. I have several other really good stories to share about that trip. Although I never made it past the huawei shop. I bet I walked past at least one of their programmers.

They have really shaken things up in the Telecom world. With the US goberment coming out and saying: “DONT USE HUAWEI” or something close to that, and then them responding saying. “YOU STINKING AMERICANS ARE CHINESE BASHING” well I’m paraphrasing of course on both accounts. Could the commie red Chinese put spying software backdoor in their gear? Maybe, Did they? Maybe? Does their gear phone home to give information? Probably does. However here is a thought. I think it was Google that was using GPS to track everyone of their phones. So, not only did Google have information on user and just about everything else imaginable, they also had an exact location of everyone. Wow. And the US government is bitching about a couple packets being sent home to mother china?

Well, what’s next for this saga? I imagine the U.S. Senate will recommend that all Huawei’s be summarily pulled out of any sort of production network. Boiled in oil until dead, burned at the stake and then whatever is left of them to be hung by the neck along the border until the buzzards eat whats left of them.

So who all us using Huiwai? They stood up and said. companies. Dozens of companies, and then mentioned a couple mobile operators. I guess Huawei has the second largest share of Cell phones in the world. Why? I guess it’s because they have a cheap plentiful workforce that’s willing to work for just a few Yuan a day.

So, are you using WaWay? Are you worried about the Chinese spying on your data?

Oh man, I’ve spelled Huawei about a hundred different ways. If I miss spell it again, Just look at the title of this post and remember that’s how it’s “supposed” to be spelled. I do it intentionally just because they have done a lot of things in the … Wednesday the WSJ wrote another article about Huawei and it’s dealing with vendors here in the United States. They claimed they are working with IBM, Price waterhouse and cooper and a couple other companies. When the press went to all of those companies. While they didn’t deny that they where working with Huawei, they didn’t admit anything about the relationship.

It’s like the ugly guy at school that nobody wants to dance with. Everybody says thay are a friend of the guy, but nobody will dance with him. Or like the last one in a cake walk. Two people fighting over one chair. It’s kind of funny really. Poor Huawei, nobody wants to dance. Or even admit they talk to you.

A Chinese telecommunications company considered a threat to U.S. national security was linked to an elite Chinese military cyberwarfare group, according to a House committee report made public Monday.

Information, including email messages, supplied to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence reveals that the People’s Liberation Army cyberwarfare unit had sought research and development assistance from Huawei Technologies

Bill Gertz

here is the Full Report

I’ve read through most of the report and all I can say is wow. If I was a birther, I would have wished that the U.S. Government would have spent as much time investigating the propitarity of the candidates as what went into this report. They know almost everything there is to know about Mr. Ren.]]>